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Graniti, a picturesque mountainous town in Sicily, edged with bountiful terraced gardens, rich in history, blessed in culture, and flush with milk. Here is where the Calabro legacy began and grew. Every day, farm fresh milk was carted down from one of two farms and brought to the Calabro household to begin the toilsome process of turning this abounding staple into cheese. This work ethic and birthright was transported to America soon after World War II had ended and a second Calabro legacy was about to commence. In 1948, the Calabro family, as did millions of other immigrants bore down to pick up their lives and start anew in America.

In 1953, Joseph Calabro and his father, Salvatore, tilled the first shovel of hope into their American dream and Calabro Cheese was born. They began delivering to the "mom and pop" Italian grocers, as well as individual families in the Fairfield, New Haven, Waterbury and Hartford counties with fresh ricotta, mozzarella, sausage and ice cream.

As a result of growing sales, a larger area of distribution, and an ever expanding line of products, in July 1961 the Gambardella Calabro Cheese Corp acquired the Wells River Creamery in Wells River, Vermont. This facility became the new production plant and New Haven, CT remained the main distribution point.

In January 1981, with sales at an all-time high, Calabro Cheese built a new 22,000 square foot production and distribution center in East Haven, CT, subsequently closing the Vermont and the New Haven facilities. In 1996 a 33,000 square foot expansion project was completed, enabling Calabro Cheese to better serve its extended list of customers in the New England, New York / New Jersey metropolitan areas as well as the southern, mid-west and western regions of the United States.

Calabro Cheese Corp. is currently staffed by Frank Angeloni, graduate of University of Bridgeport, as President and CEO and Elliot Angeloni, as Operations Manager.