Product Attributes
Calabro uses local farms to supply fresh milk free from all antibiotics. To ensure this quality Calabro adheres to our food safety program which requires all incoming milk to be tested, which is done in our own certified laboratory to guarantee it is antibiotic free. Any load of milk that does not meet this standard is refused and removed from our facility.
Calabro’s full product line is gluten-free. Many of our main ingredients, such as milk, salt, enzymes and Rennet are naturally free from gluten; however, any additional ingredients added to create our variety of cheeses are also in compliance with the FDA’s gluten free guidelines. Because our full product line meets these criteria we are free from risks of cross contamination with any items containing gluten.
At Calabro we are always striving to improve upon our production process and facility to be more environmentally friendly. Some of the measures we have taken to become more of a green company include our extensive recycling program, new containers with thinner plastic walls, and our extensive energy saving measures we took on starting in 2013, which continue today. We are constantly improving and have more "green" projects in the works.
Calabro is proud to support the local farms in Connecticut and the surrounding states to supply the most vital ingredient to our cheese making process. Using these farms not only supports the local economy, but also provides us with the freshest product possible. The milk is picked up directly at the farms and commonly delivered it to our facility the very same day allowing us to produce a fresh quality product.
The majority of Calabro’s product lines, with the exception of items that contain meat, are classified as low sodium foods in regards to the FDA guidelines. Foods that meet this requirement generally have 140 mg or less of sodium per portion, by referencing the nutrition labels on our individual product pages the percentage of daily sodium intake per serving can be identified for each item. As studies show maintaining a low sodium diet can lead to an overall healthier lifestyle.
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), are plants, animals, or other organisms whose genetic makeup have been modified. Many farm animals are fed with GMO grain which can carry through to the byproducts produced by these animals. The local organic milk used in Calabro’s organic production process has been sourced from cows that have not been fed any GMO grain, making our full organic product line non-GMO items.
Calabro prides itself on using the highest quality local farm fresh milk, which allows us to know the source of our largest ingredient. The farms we use to supply our milk have herds of cows where the farmer has decided to avoid administering the man-made rBST and has allowed their herd to produce milk naturally. Each farmer has made this pledge and in turn allows us to produce an rBST free product.
Rennet is a popular ingredient in the cheese making process and is commonly produced as an animal based product. Our production process only uses vegetable based Rennet, also referred to as ovo-lacto vegetarian Rennet, making our product line safe for anyone who follows a vegetarian diet.
Product Certifications
The Food and Drug Association regulates stringent guidelines to oversee the labeling, packaging and nutrition requirements for all food manufactured within the United States. Calabro Cheese maintains compliance with these regulations providing not only a premium product, but a reliable and consistent, one consumers can trust.
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a management system that identifies where hazards may occur in the food production process and then implementing preventative measures to avoid any of these identified threats from occurring. Calabro’s quality control department is HACCP certified and has compiled an in depth analysis to take precautionary measures on eliminating complications before they occur. These controls are constantly evolving and improving to not only provide our consumers with a safe and quality product, but also provide our employees with a safe workplace environment.
The USDA has a subdivision labeled the National Organic Program (NOP) which is promoted to developing a framework and regulating the growing Organic trend throughout the country. Calabro Cheese has completed the necessary obligations to proudly display the USDA Organic seal on our certified products. As an organic food manufacturer we see the importance of properly following the stringent guidelines of the essential written policies, maintenance of records, and annual inspections in order to produce a premium certified organic product.
Safe Quality Food (SQF) is an elite certification that assures consumers, food service providers, and retailers that the food being purchased has been produced, processed and handled in an SQF certified facility which is subject to the highest and most rigorous standards. Calabro obtained a level 3 certification which is the maximum level attainable. This provides a satisfaction to our customers that our full product line will maintain a standard of safety, freshness and quality assurances that our documented and reviewed daily. Our process and facility is reviewed and vetted routinely under the most rigid guidelines a food company can adhere to and is independently audited on an annual basis.
Calabro Cheese offers several products that are certified Kosher. These products adhere to the method of preparing qualified food products with rabbinic supervision, by KVH Kosher, and diligently managing the process to ensure there is never any production overlap with our alternative meat products. Look for the KVH product certification symbol on our individual product pages to confirm which products meet this specification.
The United States Department of Agriculture is responsible for a wide array of responsibilities to protect the overall public health and conserve environmental resources. The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is a division of the USDA that specifically relates to our procedures. Calabro Cheese holds the USDA seal on our meat related product lines complying with daily inspections from FSIS of both the facility and manufacturing process to ensure all items are being manufactured under USDA guidelines.
California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to advance the organic agriculture and promote a healthier world through organic certification and education. CCOF is an accredited USDA organic certifying agency that has been leading the Organic movement since 1973. The presence of a CCOF seal on a product guarantees that the product has been grown, produced, inspected, and certified to be in compliance with federal organic regulations. Calabro is proud to represent the CCOF seal on our Organic line of cheeses.