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Pasteurized Whole Milk, Cream, Vinegar, Cultures, Vegetable Rennet.

Calabro makes three styles of curd, Pronto, Old Fashion, and Yellow curd

Old Fashion Curd is made for the manufacturer that has a small cooker stretcher and forming macchinetta di formaggi. It produces a consistent Fresh Mozzarella, long lasting with less yield loss.

Pronto Curd is our premiere blend of local milk, cream, and natural cultures. Pronto targets the end user that wants to make a handmade mozzarella. It produces a Fresh Mozzarella that is juicy, creamy, with high flavor and does not get a “plastic” texture when cooled down.

Yellow Curd is made for Scamorza and Caciocavallo style cheeses that produce an even yellow rind once cured and aged. It is made with local milk and natural cultures and enzymes for added flavor.